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Making an impact through sustainable brands.

From South Asia and Beyond

Our Mission

For far too long, the fashion industry has created its world of glitz and glamour on the shoulders of labour, it consistently undervalues. We have set ourselves the mission of correcting these wrongs, by platforming actual designers, artisans, and brands that believe in our goal of a more sustainable and conscious fashion industry.

The Founder

Meet Guni

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Ethical Work Approach

We spend a lot of time understanding the brands and artisans we work with and look far and wide for those that are truly sustainable. We believe that in order for us to make a fundamental shift in consumption choices, we need to provide detailed information about our brands and their process. We follow a brand assessment process to understand where brands stand on 6 standards of sustainability that cover their impact on the planet and its people. To facilitate this, we’ve developed the FIVORR framework to clearly articulate which standards the brands cover today.

Ethical Brand Collaboration

We work directly with designers and artisans at the source. Since South Asia has suffered the most due to the rise of fast fashion, we have made it our key area of focus, especially craftsmen from the region. We endorse and support brands that have committed to becoming ‘conscious’, at every step of the production cycle. Through alternative materials, designs and dyeing techniques that minimise waste and threats to the environment, these brands continue to work and evolve better practices. Because most pieces pass through the hands of artisans, they are either made to order or available in limited stock.
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